The roses never lovelier,
A bounty crop this Spring,
Many hues and colors,
A rainbow sort of thing.
Red roses here and yellow there,
And rows of pure white.
Then dainty pink and robust peach,
What a truly lovely sight.
An economic enterprise,
Which to some might seem obscene,
What a shame to taint a rose.
With a money making scheme.

But someone needs to grow the roses,
So many in demand,
The most loved of all God's flowers,
And known by every man.
Some rose gardens are viewed as crops,
And are harvested like food,
Which is alright, for they feed men's hearts,
And that's what they are meant to do.
When the roses go to market,
The reds are sold out first,
Because they're the messengers of love,
For the entire universe.

Then the other colors follow,
With the tidings that they bear,
Still based on love, of course,
But with other thoughts of care.
Get well quick!  Sorry for your loss!
Farewell, my friend!  Good luck!
Congratulations!  Welcome home!
God bless you all!  Cheer up!
What would a wedding be
Without roses everywhere?
Their petals strewn across the aisle,
And their aroma in the air?

They're signs of joy at baptisms,
And signs of comfort at a bier,
From birth to death, the wondrous rose
Is man's companion here.
I suppose the role of the rose
Was conceived by God above,
So how wise a thriving enterprise
To capitalize on its love.
The rose is sturdy among flowers.
Yet stronger among men,
For it's both messenger and message,
God Bless the Rose!  Amen!

Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright May 2004