I always have loved Santa Claus,
And the stories told to me,
How he came down folk's chimneys,
With gifts each Christmas Eve.
But I admit I've been confused,
I could not understand,
How a narrow, skinny chimney,
Could handle such a man.
Fatter and rounder than he was tall,
It was inconceivable to me,
That he could fit into a chimney,
Not half as broad as he.
And then when I grew older,
I grew even more suspicious,
When both my folks confessed to me,
That Santa was fictitious.

But, as I said, I loved him,
 Though I felt I'd been deceived,
For all those years they told me,
He brought toys Christmas Eve.
Yet logic seemed to prove,
He could not perform such acts
Since a chimney was so thin,
And a Santa was so fat.
 I felt I had a mission,
To prove Santa was not fake,
That somehow I must find out,
Just how he navigates.

Thus, I did a lot of research,
And devoted hours of my time,
To in-depth chimney studies,
Though nothing helpful did I find.
I learned that chimneys do not change,
In either heat or cold,
They're constant and remain the same,
And act alike in each household.
So if chimneys aren't adjustable,
And cannot modify their form,
Then the burden lies with Santa Claus,
He must be the one transformed.

Thus, one Christmas Eve, I laid in wait
To see what I could see,
And I saw him on a chimney top,
As real as real could be.
His arms were hugged about him tight,
His body, pointed down,
Then like a whirling dervish spins,
He went round and round and round!
He whirled and twirled and turned so fast,
He seemed thinner than the chimney's width,
And down he went, before my eyes,
Proving Santa Claus was not a myth!

Just like a speeding bullet,
He shot straight down that chimney,
And for a nanosecond,
Fat Santa Claus was skinny!
Since I soberly observed this,
And saw him whirling like a top,
I have concluded he is real,
Whether you agree or not.
 I know whereof I speak,
 I know what I have seen,
And Santa Claus is just as real,
As  ghosts on Halloween.

Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
©December 2006
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