At the angels' general meeting,
Many issues were discussed,
Problems of great magnitude,
And some not quite as serious..
It was like an open forum,
Each angel had his say,
They all aired and shared their cares,
And each heart was on display.
They talked about their travels,
Their trips to earth and back,
The condition of their wings.
And important things like that.
Sometimes their talk was more mundane,
About streets of gold in disrepair,
About heaven's growing numbers
And the more mansions needed there.
Then when the problems were resolved,
And the meeting almost done,
Other angels were encouraged
To add what they'd found troublesome.
"Fellow Angels," one old soul spoke up,
As he bowed to their applause,
"I wish to call to your attention,
An extremely worthy cause."
"God's job has grown by leaps and bounds,
So many problems to be solved,
Not that He's complained, of course,
For that would never be like God."
"But I think He has too much to do,
Too many burdens down on earth,
An assistant would be good for Him,
A man of love and worth."
"We need to pick an aide for God,
Someone highly qualified,
A soul of faith and strength and vision,
Who has no sins to hide."
"A man who gives more than he seeks,
A man truly made of love,
Who has more Christ-like attributes,
Than most angels here above."
"Hear!  Hear!" the angels cried as one,
"But where is there such a man?
Who's earned the right to be beside
Our beloved Lord's right hand?"
Then the wise, old angel smiled and said,
"I just now brought him home,
Preacher Bob is a man of God,
And he should sit beside the Throne."
"If ever a soul deserves God's love,
And is worthy of His trust,
Preacher Bob is the truest one,
And he is most marvelous."
"Hear!  Hear!" again the angels cried,
As they all voted for this man,
"Preacher Bob will assist our God,
For he's the only one who can."
The people on earth no longer mourned,
And the angels on high loudly cheered,
But the happiest one of all was God,
Because Preacher Bob was here.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright March 2006
For the Reverend Robert M. Hamilton
10/06/15 ~ 03/10/06

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