Alert the troops!  Rally the Pearls!
One of our own is in trouble,
Attention:  All you I S P's!
Front and Center!  On the Double!
Our resident president, PAT
Has been seized and whisked away,
Thrown into a sterile, white dungeon,
"Hang on, pretty PAT!  Be brave!"
The Pearls are drawing up plans,
And plotting their strategies,
They're reading their Manuals and Help Files,
And checking their faculties.
The first Potlitzer out of the paddock
Is a pistol packin' Pearl,
A dowager with a howitzer,
Our BARBIE DOLL - Go, Girl!
Then, sneaking across the border,
Our FRAN, with the golden pen,
Whose strength is mightier than the sword,
Our secret weapon and friend!
Our ANITA, a Pearl with purpose,
A brave lady on a crusade,
Whose "head is bloodied, but unbowed,"
The hero of our brigade.
And NANCY, our spiritual leader,
Whose words flow like a soft, satin gown,
Facing battle, we Pearls badly need her,
Lest we find ourselves falling face down.
ANAM CARA, our little GABY,
A Pearl who's not quite so free,
Yet the rest of the Pearls assured
Of her sweet love and loyalty.
Somber, serious, sensitive BEV,
Expressing her mind by design,
Her brush revealing her gentleness,
Our Potlitzer Pearl sublime.
Lastly, GINNY, who loves them all,
Claims each Pearl is her daughter,
Then shyly, slyly does admit,
Each girl has a different father.
"So, PAT, hang in there!  We're coming!"
HUP!  TWO!  THREE! FOUR!  And we're there!
PRESENT ARMS!  - It's time for hugging!
ALL OUT LOVE is now  declared!
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
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