In the shadows of my mind,
Lurk questions and conundrums,
About the purposes of life,
And where does mankind come from.
I cannot view a lovely flower,
Or take in some awesome scene,
Without wondering about it all,
And what it really means.
I constantly am struck,
By the marvels of the world,
Yet, no less am I affected,
By baby boys and girls.
And I have so many questions,
At the death of any man,
"His time to go," is what they say,
I find this hard to understand.
If I express my puzzlement,
To wiser men than I,
They always say that God decides,
When one is born or dies.
And if I further question them,
About what I still don't understand,
They merely say, "Have faith, my friend,
This is God's plan for man."
"Have faith," they say, "God's plan for man,"
What exactly does that mean?
"Faith," they smile and say to me,
"Is the main theme of God's scheme."
Faith is believing in a God,
That one cannot see or hear,
Though His works are all about us,
He is beyond men's eyes and ears.
Faith is accepting God made man,
And earth, and sky, and sea,
And through His love and by His grace,
He gives man eternity.
Faith is trusting in a God,
Who loves us, one and all,
 Who cares enough to punish us,
But will not let us fall.
But, still I question suffering,
Which seems unfair, unkind, unjust,
Does it come from this same God,
Who loves us all so much?
Wise men say, if we have faith,
We'll understand things by and by,
But I would like some answers now,
Must I wait until I die?
Do explanations replace faith?
Or does faith take the place of proof?
Ponder, wonder - wonder, ponder,
Do even wise men know the truth?
If we understood the all of God,
And how He operates,
In Him, there'd be no mystery,
Thus, there'd be no need for faith.
Is this what mankind really wants?
I honestly think not,
I think we'd rather take on faith,
Whatever God hath wrought.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright September 2002






Thank you to Martha M. Baker, who planted the seed for this poem
Thank you to Jean Farrow, who helped so much with the graphic placement.