My cat should run for office,
She has a political flair,
Her policy, I think, would be
A simple Laissez Faire.
She believes in total freedom,
She favors open doors,
Catnip is her entitlement,
And all dogs are total bores.
No isolationist, this cat,
She will let the whole world in,
Including all the elements,
The rain, the snow, the wind.
Other cats are always welcome,
As are spiders, frogs, and toads,
'All creatures great and small,'
Cross over this threshold.

The tired, the oppressed, the hungry
Feel free to enter here,
Then once inside, they'll likely find
More open doors, my dear.
Any door between two rooms,
May NOT be tightly closed,
That's totally against her rules,
And she's mightily opposed.
She'll either stare it open,
Or pound upon it with her paws,
Or viciously meow at it,
Perhaps attack it with her claws.
And even more than that, my friend,
Beside each open doorway,
All cupboard doors must be ajar,
And drawers left open mid-way.

This place is totally exposed,
All privacy is gone,
This little cat has seen to that,
With such behavior going on.
It's only very late at night,
That I try to close the place,
When I think she's fast asleep,
But then ... I oft meet her face to face.
She'll stretch flat across the threshold,
Defiant ... though asleep,
I cannot move or budge her,
Though I nudge her with my feet.
She wields a heavy gavel,
And I don't stand a chance,
Strict dictatorship at work,
Such feline arrogance.

How can a little cat like that
Be so powerfully disposed?
The next thing I expect to see
Is her thumbing her cat nose.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright January 2003



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