Dedicated to Ginny Ellis
~ The Best Poet ~

Keep those feet a goin
You better pedal fast
Ginny has that trophy
That poet is a blast

Wonder why she's racing
We only want to see
I think it must be pure gold
Come on follow me

Ginny can you slow down
We're never gonna pass
That diva of a poet
She sure can pedal fast

Wait a second Ginny
We only want to see
Inscription on the trophy
"This Belongs To Me"

Hurry up come on now
Lets race her to the top
I hope that we can get there
She's never gonna stop

Uhoh here we go now
We're really far behind
Ginny got the trophy
Her destiny outlined.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

Thank you Francine Pucillo for your tongue-in-cheek dedication.
I love you, Franny.

Background MIDI file playing is courtesy of Melody Lane.