Bon Voyage, my dearest friend,
I'll not say good-bye.
God's speed and all good wishes,
Spread your wings; for you can fly.

Now, consider aren't you lucky,
With God, you soon will talk.
And with His precious angels,
You will fly and you will walk.

I trust you'll meet old friends,
Who have passed on before.
And dear family loved ones,
There at heaven's door.

Please give God a message,
Please speak to Him direct.
Say, I cannot give you up,
No - not completely - yet.

Your friendship is too valuable,
I cannot let you go,
I plan to stay in touch with you.
From here on earth below.

I plan to keep on talking,
To both the Lord and you.
Three-way conversations,
Are what I want to do.

Do you understand it now,
Like the song said that you should?
Oh, precious, loving sister,
I felt so sure you would.

The mystery now is solved,
No more questions to be asked.
Be at peace now in God's bosom,
You are safe at home at last.

Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
copyright 2000 ~ 2009

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