All the old cat does is sleep,
At least, that's all I see,
She wakes just long enough to eat,
How tired she must be.
I urge her to get up and move,
Sometimes I push and scold,
In feline years, she's just a kid,
But in people years, she's old.
Together we've been through a lot,
This old cat and me,
Two stubborn souls in one household,
Who sometimes don't agree.
When she was young, I was the boss,
It was my job to make the rules,
No scratching, clawing, biting, chewing,
HA!  She made me out a fool!
The minute that my back was turned,
She'd have her way within this house,
And she'd attack the overstuffed,
As if it were a mouse.
She fancied our expensive drapes,
And she'd strut across each valence,
Though I'd yell at her, I'd marvel, too,
At how she kept her balance.
I was so big; she was so small,
Yet she always seemed to win,
No matter what I said or did,
She'd make me laugh, and I'd give in.
She brought me once a baby bird,
That had fallen from its nest,
She carried it in her eager mouth,
Scaring bird and me to death.
She laid it gently at my feet,
Where it fluttered, then lay still,
Gingerly I picked it up,
And put it on my window sill.
It trembled; then it raised its wings,
And though uncertain, it took off,
The cat and I both watched in awe,
As it slowly flew aloft.
But since my cat is now so old,
She no longer does those things,
And peaceful, full-blown harmony,
Throughout this household rings.
She peeks out from her sleep sometimes,
But mostly she just purrs and snores,
I must admit I kind of miss,
The old cat's doing more.
Yet she looks so sweet when she's asleep,
I want to hug and squeeze her,
But should I try that exercise,
 I know it would displease her.
A dependently independent cat,
Who has been and will remain,
A commander-in-chief that eats and sleeps
Howsoever she ordains.
She sits at one end of the couch,
While I sit at the other,
From time to time, we turn our heads,
And look at one another.
Sometimes I think I see her wink,
I am sure I see her smile,
Then her eyelids close, and off she goes,
To snore some more for a little while.
She rarely moves a whisker now,
When she hears a songbird sing,
And her excitement for the day,
Is peeking out at folks and things,
I feel that I'm observing
A most contented cat,
Who's exactly where she wants to be,
And is happy where she's at.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright April 2006
Of course, the picture of the cat on this page is of Moon and Back's young kitten, Gidget, who has a long way to go before becoming an 'old contented cat.'  But cat naps start at an early age, so by the time Gidget reaches her old age, she will have the whole routine down pat. My 15 year old cat, Ms Lucy, now is so well experienced, she can sleep round the clock, without twitching an eyelid. However, I have caught her smiling in her sleep, so I know she truly is an 'old contented cat.'



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