Norma Cornett Marek
1940 ~ 2004


When Norma passed away,
She generously left behind
A legacy of special words,
Products of her heart and mind.
The words are now within a book,
Compiled by her friends.
Who knew they would be treasured
By all folks reading them.
By pen, she wrote her every thought,
And told what mattered most,
She declared her love for Jesus Christ,
In poetry and prose.
On the printed pages of this book,
Her words quite freely flow,
With treasured childhood memories,
And tales of loved ones she had known.
She shares with all the shock she felt,
At her cancer diagnosis,
And tells of crying out to God,
When told of her prognosis.
Through the words within this book,
We travel her same road,
We feel her fears, her doubts, her tears,
We ache with her, as she lets go.
We admire her strength and fortitude,
Which increase with every step,
And as her body wastes away,
Her words take on a greater depth.
The nearer that she gets to God,
The stronger she becomes,
Her poems, an inspiration,
A divine phenomenon.
Some people question God,
Why take a soul like this?
So good - so young - so promising,
And so unselfish with her gifts.
But do you know some words she wrote
Would never have been written.
If God, in all His wisdom,
Had not planned that she be smitten.
The hope and faith she left behind,
To help other ailing souls,
Never can be measured,
Nor ever bought or sold.
Whispers from our precious Lord,
Did reach His child's ear,
And she, in turn, wrote down His words,
For all the world to hear.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright February 2005

Norma's Book
Norma's book, WHISPER'S FROM THE HEART, has now been published and is available for purchasing. It is a beautifully done book, containing over one hundred of Norma's loveliest poems. The artwork is done by the well known artist, Penny Parker. Also included in the book are several poems by some of your favorite Internet authors, each written in dedication to Norma.

For U.S. price and shipping information, please contact Marilyn Sink, whose E-mail address is

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