The moon shone faintly down below,
It was pale and white this night,
Indistinct and vague it was,
Not its usual golden light.
Sleeping folk did not take note,
They, of course, were unaware,
Night-workers did not raise their eyes,
Too busy then to care.
But birds and creatures of the night
Did lift their heads to see,
And wary was their feeling,
As they eyed suspiciously.
No wind or gentle breeze this night,
The stillness eerie, too,
Hushed tones alone seemed apropos,
But no sound would better do.
The owls did not hoot this night
Nor did hyenas laugh,
No howls at the moon by wolves,
Nor sounds from loons thought daft.
The rivers did not flow this night,
Nor did bubbling creeks or streams,
The oceans placid, just like glass,
No waves were heard or seen.
So still the night, and motionless,
Scarce a breath of air,
Strange, unusual, mystical,
A sense of waiting there.
How long this night?  Forever?
The clocks ticked on and on,
And yet, so long it lasted,
Would ever come the dawn?
Then the white moon disappeared,
Blacker grew the night,
Men awakened in their beds,
Something not quite right.
Huddled masses formed,
People clung to one another,
The silence loud and heavy,
Brother seeking brother.
Then suddenly a wisp of light,
That broadened and grew lighter,
It was too early for the dawn,
Why did the night seem brighter?
A soft breeze came from nowhere,
It kissed both man and beast,
Then fear just disappeared ,
And all were engulfed by peace.
The owls hooted; the rivers ran,
And once more the oceans roared,
Then men amazed, arose in praise,
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright June 2003 ~ Revised March 2004



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