Good morning, dear Father,
Thank you for this day,
Help me to follow you,
In every way.

Let me speak as you speak,
And do as you do,
Let me help others,
As you help them, too.

Help me to be honest,
Don't let me play games,
Help me to grow,
Yet still stay the same.

Help me not to be selfish,
To give of my heart,
My mind and my labor,
Give all - not just part.

Help me to love others,
My family, my friends,
Bless all of my foes,
Help me make fair amends.

Help me be kind, Father,
To my faithful pet,
To give warm attention,
And see all needs are met.

Help keep me busy,
To strive for the best,
Help me not to be lazy,
But find needed rest.

Let me come to you, Father
Throughout the day,
Often to thank you,
Often to pray.

by Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright 1999

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