To age with grace is my desire,
To not grow old and crotchety,
To not express my every thought,
And be verbose and talkity.
I do have strong opinions
On all things said and done,
But unless I'm asked outright,
I plan to hold my tongue.
But even if my thoughts are sought,
And I am asked for my two cents,
I know most ears don't want to hear
My kind of common sense.
I'll not complain with every pain,
I'll deal with my infirmities.
Nope, I won't mope ... instead, I'll cope
With all of my adversities,
"No" does not mean "Maybe,"
It's a decision I have made,
So don't attempt to sway me,
For I will not be swayed.
It's not that I'm not flexible,
For I can be, if I wish,
But I stick to my decisions,
And I very seldom switch.
I want to sail the waters,
And pilot my own ship
And even though I flounder,
It's still my bailiwick.
I like having choices,
Be they right or wrong, they're mine,
And as long as I can make them,
  I think that I am fine.
When God sends His angels for me,
With eagerness, I'll go,
For that's a choice that I made
A long, long time ago.
I've paid my dues; I've done my thing,
And I am right on track. 
My ticket has been paid in full,
So don't try to hold me back.
If I don't behave and act my age,
As you would wish me to,
You poor, sweet thing, I'm sorry,
(Smile)  Whatever will you do?
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright May 2006

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