I used to carry my prayer list,
Around in my aging brain,
Until one day I became aware,
I was leaving off some names.
They were in my heart all right,
But my mind had grown forgetful,
I could not remember everyone,
And I truly was regretful.
So one day I just sat down,
And picked up a pen and pad,
And listed everyone I knew,
Who needed prayers so bad.
My list grew and grew and grew,
I did not know where to stop,
There were some I hardly knew at all,
That made it to the top.
 Well, I had to draw the line somewhere,
To give equal opportunity,
But since God knew each degree of need,
I'd let Him set priority.
What's neat about this list is this,
 I don't forget a soul,
And  if I can't rattle off each name,
At least I have this sheet to hold.
I can grasp it in my pudgy fist,
It is solid, and it's tangible,
And I think God can read the names,
Though they may not all be legible.
I keep it folded in my Bible,
It is safe there and secure,
It gets around-the-clock attention,
From the good Lord, I feel sure.
Then when I do my Bible reading,
Which I conclude each day with prayer,
I take my list within my hand,
And I raise it in the air.
And I say, "Dear Lord, please bless,
This whole long list of names,
And when you're done with that,
Please bless each name again."
You may think I am peculiar,
And, of course, you could be right,
But I know where I'm coming from,
And that God understands my plight.
Could you remember all these names?
Just take a look at this,
And please feel free to add yours here,
If your name's missing from this list.
Beverly, Bevi, Janie and Beth,
Andrea, Terri, Nita and Ned,
Bobbie, Bobby, Robert, and Bob,
Ann, Dianne, Helen, Bev and Rog.
Art and Fran and Amelia Anne,
Katie and Lynn and George and Sam,
Don-Don and Lil and Bette and Bill,
Joe and Sky and Gail and Jill.
Betty, Kaye, small-letter bev,
Elaine and David, Diana and Fred,
Marietta, Thelma, Andy, Marie,
Mildred and Richard, Edith and Bea.
Vic and Maggie, Toni and Gerri,
Phil and Shirley, Paula and Sherry,
Midge and Margi, Margo, and Sue,
Jack and Shay and Betty Jo, too.
Earl, Anita, Nancy, and Pat,
Penny, Nora, Phyllis and Jack,
Elaine (or Lainey), Jo, Joni and John,
Genelle and Stan, and BaBa and Ron.
Marilyn, Norma, Gayle, and Dee,
Judy and Jean, and Lea (or Lee),
Helena, Lora, Gini and Anne,
George, Anne Marie, Carl and Fran,
Howard, James Herbert, Herman, and Gene,
Tippy, Vickey, Deb, Pic, and Kathleen,
Cuppy, Jo Ann, and Joan Marie,
Carolyn, Cherelyn, and Charity.
And P S, dear Lord, if you please,
Add little Ms Casey and little old me.
AMEN ...  and ... AMEN!
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright 2002 ~ 2003 ~ 2004 ~ 2005 ~ 2006 ~ 2007

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