Hark?  Who lurks outside my portal?
I hear thy plaintive cries,
Dost thou express a noisome wish,
To access my fireside?
Art thou seeking refuge,
From cold and blustery wind?
Thy sighs do so beweep me,
I must arise and let thee in.
Blow, blow, thou bitter gale,
Freeze, freeze, thou caustic sky,
Thy tooth is keen enough
To let thee Good Cat die.
I bequick undo thee latch,
And bescorn thee squeaky hinge,
Alas! Alack!  There sit thee cat,
With its befreezed, icicled chin. 
Come in!  Come in, Good Cat!
Thou hasten to warm hearth,
 I bestoke thee fire higher,
And besoothe thy frigid heart.
A lap!  A lap, I offer thee,
Don't turn up thy pouty nose,
Show thy gratitude instead,
Lest thou be cast back to the snows.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis

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I wish to thank Fairy Tales & Romance for the use of their Puss 'n Boots poster.