If Mothers today
Were given the power,
World turmoil would fade
Within the hour.
And those little boys
 Who dress up in men's suits
Would lose all their toys,
 And their titles, to boot.
They'd be ordered to sit
In chairs facing the wall,
To not move a bit.
Nor cry out or call.
Told to think of their loved ones,
Their families and friends,
And the wrong that's been done
By cruel, thoughtless, old men.

War games played by children
Aren't the same for adults,
No real bullets then,
No disastrous results.
Not a soul dies,
No one loses a limb,
No mothers cry,
And no minds are dimmed.
But now small men,
In expensive suits,
Need to grow up,
And face the truths.
To start counting their blessings,
And searching their souls,
To forget window dressings,
And re-think their goals.

How dare they decide
That others must fight?
Who'll live and who'll die?
What gives them such right?
Oh, you grown-up men,
With your small boy minds,
This nonsense should end,
It's common sense time.
Get up from those chairs,
Turn around and shake hands,
Show signs that you care,
Cut out stupid shams.
What one sows, one will reap,
Hate's not good for one's soul.
Conversation is cheap,
Communication is gold.

Your mothers were right,
When you were small lads,
If you  get into a fight,
Don't go to bed mad.
Kiss and make up,
Before the sun sets,
So if one doesn't wake up,
There'll be no regrets.
Mothers are wise,
Don't sell them short,
They make apple pies,
And give hugs for support.
Put Mothers in charge,
Let them hold the rudder,
Their instructions aren't hard,
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright March 2003 ~ Revised May 2004