Mister Murdock was a curious cat,
Who, one day, saw this special tree.
He walked around it - sized it up,
And said, "That's the tree for me!"
He stood back to view it better,
So tall - so full - so many limbs,
Such a wondrous tree to see,
Mister Murdock broadly grinned.
Its bark, he thought, resilient,
And receptive to his touch,
He leaned heavily against the tree,
Which was sturdy like a crutch.
Then, way up high, on a top most branch,
An intriguing sight caught his eye,
He felt compelled to check it out,
Though it meant climbing very high.
Mister Murdock climbed that tree,
Without even looking down,
He raced to the top, without a thought
Of how he'd get back to the ground.
His goal, of course, was a tiny nest,
Well secured on a high-rise limb,
His feline mind could only guess
What goodies would lay therein.
So up he went, fully bent
On reaching his quest somehow,
Never swerving - never veering,
Branch after branch and bough after bough.
When Mister Murdock reached the nest,
He found it stripped and bare,
No mama birds - no baby birds,
And no tiny eggs in there.
Disappointed and frustrated,
Mister Murdock was chagrinned,
He sat back upon his haunches
And scratched his tiny chin.
It was then that he became aware
Of how far below, the ground,
With fright, he clung with all his might
To a sturdy branch he'd found.
From a distance came the cry,
But too afraid to venture down,
Mister Murdock sat and sighed.
The voice called anew,
"Meow!" cried Mister Murdock,
From way up in the tree,
"Uh oh," the voice exclaimed,
"I see!  Oh dear!  I see!"
The next sounds Mister Murdock heard
Were sirens, engines, and bells,
Then ladders banged against the tree,
Which made Mister Murdock yell.
Leather-gloved hands reached up for him,
He hissed and growled and spat,
It didn't matter that life and limb
Were both at risk for that bad cat.
He batted at his rescuers,
As if it were a game,
And his meow-er then grew louder,
The closer that they came.
When darkness fell, flood lights were lit
That shined high in the tree,
Mister Murdock blinked his eyes and said,
"This is much too much for me!"
Then suddenly the cat was grabbed,
Mister Murdock was tightly embraced,
The fireman held held him snug as a bug,
Bringing an end to the chase.
Amidst applause and loud hurrahs,
From the crowd which had gathered below,
The cat was brought down, safe and sound,
And released on the ground to go.
With indifference, Mister Murdock purred,
He was neither distressed nor distraught,
He headed back home for his din-din then,
"Much ado about nothing," he thought.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright July 2004 ~ Revised Jan 2005

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