Built and blest with beauty,
Perfectly designed,
Unconscious of her loveliness,
A total dream divine.
She was the center of attention,
A teasing smile on her lips,
Taking full advantage of
Nature's generous gifts.
Exciting and enticing,
A vision night and day,
Hypnotizing, mesmerizing,
Sensuous in her ways,
Men's heads would turn, and women gasp,
When Miriam went by,
And even little ones would smile,
If Miriam caught their eye.
Everyone was trapped by her,
All succumbed to Miriam's charms,
Innocently magnificent,
People totally disarmed.
An inner voice commanded her,
And led her through her dance,
First fast, then slow ... her way to go,
Round and round ... retreat ... advance.
She bowed and dipped and smoothly tripped,
Bent low, then stretched up high,
She was her own accompaniment,
Unless one considered people's sighs.
With or without footlights,
She cared not if she were seen,
Applause meant little to her,
And she felt no need to preen.
Her manner ... taunting, haunting,
Fascinating to the core,
"Oh, Miriam, naughty Miriam,
What are you dancing for?"
This creature of inherit charm,
And innate natural grace,
Brought catches to the heart,
And smiles to the face.
But alas, alack, late one night,
This one, so admired and adored,
Did her final, dreamy dance,
And then she danced no more.
Her tank had sprung a leak,
And all its water had poured out,
Poor Miriam had no place to dance,
Nor could she swim about.
Her demise, a complete surprise,
To those who had loved Miriam,
Who loved to see the tiny fish,
Dance and swim in her aquarium 
But shed no tears, and dry your eyes,
Things aren't as bad as what they seem,
For now sweet Miriam will dance,
In heaven's golden streams.
With other fishies at her side,
Think how happy she will be,
Aquariums are very nice,
But it's nicer to be free!
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright JUNE 2004

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I wish to thank Black Mermaid Characters
for their wonderful mermaid drawing.