M. G. G.'S
(Man's Giggle Gland)

When God designed mankind,
He had a master plan,
And in every human being,
He installed a special gland.
He arranged for it to grow,
And develop through the years,
Sometimes He sought to nourish it,
From the saline in men's tears.
He placed this little gland,
Along side the human heart,
And by capillary attraction,
It soon became a part.
That connection was essential,
It was a life-sustaining junction,
Without that tie, the gland would die,
Or seriously malfunction.
Next God took some minute fibers,
And, from the gland, he ran a line,
With the help of nerve synapses,
It reached to the human mind.
Gland and heart and mind now joined,
God figured He had done it,
So, He gave the sole control to man,
Assuming man could run it.
Oh, one more thing it needed,
Which God also assigned to man,
Was a scientific name,
For this important little gland.
Well, man studied and he pondered,
And consulted Ph.D.'s,
And the best thing they came up with,
Was the title, M G G'S.
In physiological parlance,
And the best dictionaries known to man,
An M G G in formal terms,
Just means Man's Giggle Gland.
The proof the gland is functional,
In some folks is very simple,
The more pronounced their M G G.
The deeper is their dimple.
It's a fact that genes have some effect,
Upon one's M G G,
But environment, too, can alter it,
To considerable degrees.
A healthy growing Giggle Gland,
Results from constant use,
And daily practice sessions,
Prevent Giggle Gland abuse.
M G G's have histories,
Of extending lives, you know,
If one takes life too seriously,
His M G G is set too low.
Activation of an M G G,
Could require stimulation,
Rib-tickling and neck-blowing,
Are easy home-based applications.
If one does not use his M G G,
It could shrivel up and die,
Then what a waste that gland would be,
It might even make God cry.
Our Father wants the best for us,
Our bodies are His temples,
So He made them very pleasant,
By adding M G G's and dimples.
An octogenarian once was asked,
About his long life span,
To what did he credit his vast age?
He replied, "Man's Giggle Gland."

Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
copyright 1999 ~ revised June 2004

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Thanks Denoyer Geppert Science Company
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And a thank you to Margi Harrell
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