The child, dressed in her Sunday best,
Gazed up at the Sunday school wall,
She'd never seen such a pretty scene,
She was totally thrilled with it all.
She stretched up tall for a better view,
Of the lovely picture above,
A look of wonderment on her face,
Mixed with enchantment and love.

"Oh look!" she exclaimed and smiled,
"See the lamb being held by the Man,
 I want to be just like it," she said,
"Just like that little lamb."
The lamb looked contented and happy,
Secure and safe from harm,
Peaceful, serene, and protected,
At home in the Master's arms.

Young as she was, she sensed the love
The Shepherd had for His lamb,
This, she knew she wanted, too,
The care and love of this Man.
So it came to pass, while still a child
When things went wrong or amiss,
She'd see herself in the hands of the Man,
And her troubles would shortly desist.

And as she knelt to say her prayers,
When going to bed each night,
She'd say, "Dear Lord, please let me be
Like that lamb you hold so tight."
Then, as she grew older,
She kept that picture in her mind,
A place of comfort, where she'd go,
When life seemed too unkind.

Tucked snugly in that child's heart,
The vision of the Man and the lamb,
A haven always within her reach,
The warmth of the Sweet Lord's Hand.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright August 2005

This poem is dedicated to Genelle Tennant and is based
on a part of her shared testimony on her new website
Genelle's Gospel Music Home.


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The midi, "I Believe," is courtesy of
Larry's Songs Of Praise and Worship