Mama played the piano,
While Daddy tapped his toe,
We kids all hummed along,
So much fun, you know!
How many times my Mama played,
With that broad smile on her face.
I'd see her sway in two-four time,
While Daddy sat and tapped in place.
Of course, he swayed along with her,
As she played and smiled at him,
He'd wink at her from time to time,
And he'd always wear a grin.
Sometimes, just for family,
Mama played a lively beat,
We kids would dance around the room,
While Daddy clapped and tapped his feet.
Mama always said her music
Was a gift from God above,
So it must be shared accordingly,
Which she did willingly, with love.
She played in major concert halls,
And on the stage for big events,
She played Sundays at the church,
She played everywhere she went.
She taught piano lessons, too,
Which sometimes drove my Daddy wild,
Yet from the corner of my eye,
I'd catch him tapping with each child.
I remember once, when Mama
Was invited to perform,
At a big outdoor pavilion,
On a summer night, so warm.
She started playing beautifully,
As Mama always did,
But a summer breeze stirred up some leaves,
And Mama got undid.
Her beat was thrown off,
And she began to miss some notes,
The audience, embarrassed,
Began to cough and clear their throats.
I knew what the problem was,
I rushed my Daddy up on stage,
The blowing leaves drowned out his taps,
And without them, Mama could not play.
Daddy sat beside her,
And smiled at the crowd,
He tapped his toe, while Mama played,
And she played sweet and loud.
Between Mama's hands on that piano,
And the tappin' toes on Daddy's feet,
They gave a grand performance,
That in no way could be beat.
The audience whistled, clapped, and stamped,
The concert was a huge success,
Mama and Daddy stood as one,
Together, they were blest!
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright May 2004

Here ya' go, Margi ... For you and John :)

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