Love, I caught a glimpse of you,
Unexpectedly today,
You came so quickly in the room,
Then, just as quickly went away.

You didn't fool me, though you'd changed,
But I'd know you anywhere,
My quickened pulse, my skipped heartbeat,
The electricity in the air.

You kept your distance, didn't you,
In that noisy, crowded place,
But I saw you, and I heard you,
 And I surely knew your face.

Were you not aware of me?
Was not the magnetism strong?
Just some smidgen of attraction left?
Has it really been that long?

Had there been some other way,
We never would have parted,
 But as it was, it had to be,
Though I still am broken hearted.

Love, I felt your presence,
I know you felt mine, too,
 Too bad we couldn't smile and nod,
And at least say, "How are you?"

So sad to lose a love,
So sad to lose a friend,
And when they're one and the same,
That sadness never ends.

Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright August 2003 ~ Revised July 2005




The midi file is "I'll be Seeing You"
played so beautifully by Margi Harrell.