Prayer Mistress with a golden tongue,
Like none I've heard before,
Blest by God and loved by Him,
Now and forever more.
Would I could speak as she speaks,
And use the words she does,
Oh yes, my heart's as full as hers,
But I can't find such words of love.
Her adoration and her praise
Come through with every word,
Her humility and gratitude
Are equally superb.
Her words flow like holy wine,
Her decanter never done,
Filled, refilled, and filled again,
The words pour out - each one by one.
As welcome as the flowers in May,
As quenching as spring showers,
As filling as a banquet,
And lasting hours and hours.
I'm so in awe of what she says,
And the ways she has to say it,
Do you suppose God listens more,
Because she knows just how to pray it?
She would laugh at me, I think,
Such bounty she'd not claim,
She would be the first to state
God loves us all the same.
True, she has a special gift,
But I am gifted, too,
'Appreciation' is my gift,
And I have it through and through.
So, I think I am as blest as she,
Though in a different way,
For she is God's gift to me,
And it is for me she prays.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
copyright 2002

"A word fitly spoken is like apples
of gold in a setting of silver"
  Prov 25:11

Dedicated with Love to A Precious Potlitzer Pearl,
Nancy Tabah-Whynott
Our Lotusbud