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Merry Christmas


So many candles on His cake,
Their lights were seen on earth,
It was heaven's grandest party,
Held in honor of His birth.
A birthday party for the Lord,
Oh, such excitement up above,
The angels planned for days on end,
To shower Him with gifts of love.
They prepared a festive banquet,
And baked an angel cake,
And every soul in heaven
Was invited to partake.

The banquet hall was filled with flowers,
Their scent like sweet perfume,
And graceful, crystal chandeliers
Cast dancing lights about the room.
The dining tables were adorned
With fine cloths of handmade lace,
Along with gleaming silverware,
And sparkling china set in  place.
Every resident of heaven
Was requested to attend,
Though long ago on earth below,
They had been invited then.

All guests were dressed their very best,
In snow-white robes with golden trim,
They wore broad smiles of joy
As, arm in arm, they entered in.
To get the party started,
Gabriel blew his holy horn,
Then angels sang sweet songs of praise,
Announcing Christ was born.
More than two thousand years before,
God had sent His Son to earth,
And now these souls were here because
Of that precious Baby's birth.

Oh, what a gala gathering!
What good cause to celebrate!
The birth of Jesus Christ on earth!
The most wonderful of dates!
Parties, too, were held on earth,
But nothing quite like this,
Though folks below could look above.
And see His candles lit.
Each twinkling star, a flickering flame
Of a candle on His cake,
A trillion, tiny lights above,
To scintillate and fascinate.

Let earth and heaven celebrate!
Let the bells ring out galore!
A Merry Christmas to us all!
And A Happy Birthday to our Lord!
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright December 2005 ~ July 2007


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The midi is "Ding Dong Merrily on High"
and is sequenced by Bob Sorem.