Behind steel bars the little cat sat ,
Up against a concrete wall,
Her tiny eyelids at half-mast,
Listless ... lifeless ... overall.
What kind of crime did she commit,
That put her in this jail-like place?
What terrible thing had happened,
That put such sadness on her face?
Keepers brought in food and water,
To aid the tiny renegade,
Strangers stopped to stare and watch her,
They were upset; they were dismayed.
Downcast she was; her spirit gone,
She barely saw folk's prying eyes,
Their ooh's and aah's, she did not hear,
Nor their deep and fretful sighs.
Sweet-tempered, friendly ... and a beauty,
Black and white and orange and brown,
A pretty cat of many colors
Whose little life was upside-down.
Her crime?  At best, I could only guess,
She probably had run away,
She'd slipped outside to tease and hide,
Wanting just to stay and play.
Then, I suspect, she roamed too far,
(Oh, so curious are little cats),
And could not find her way back home,
Thus was "put in jail," because of that.
"Oh, sad-faced, little, lonesome soul,
Lost in a cold, cruel world,
All God's creatures are meant for love,
And you are, too, my girl."
"I'll pay her fine!  I'll bail her out!"
I pleaded, "Give me custody!
Release this little, lonely cat,
And I'll take her home with me!"
She twitched her ears and swished her tail,
As the prison door swung wide,
She stretched and arched and looked about,
Then cautiously she stepped outside.
A warm, new home now offered to her,
But better, even than that,
Somebody there who'd care for her,
And love the little, lonesome cat.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright May 2007

Rescued and Adopted April 27, 2007

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