On holidays she slips away
Into another space and place,
Oh, you see her sitting here all right,
And you see a smile on her face.
But she has left the premises,
She's not with you now, you know,
She's gone back to other times,
And happenings of years ago
Not that she isn't welcome here,
Because she knows she is,
No way could you be kinder,
Or be more sensitive.
She loves being with you,
So it isn't that, you see,
It's only that she misses
The way things used to be.
So she goes back in memory,
To long ago - to prior times,
To be with other folks, now gone,
But who live on within her mind.
Don't smile and censure her
For living in the past
For she cares about the future,
And really wants the world to last.
Though she is old, she's not a fool,
She knows about the human race,
And she's aware the world has changed
Into a very ugly place.
But based upon her past,
She feels the future still has hope,
She's been there, and she's done that,
And she knows that folks can cope.
Allow her to indulge herself,
On holidays and special times,
And even let her weep a bit,
If she feels so inclined.
Let Grandma celebrate her way,
Which to you may seem abstract,
And if she drifts away from you,
Don't fret ... Grandma will be back.

Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright August 2006 ~ Revise May 2009

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