With stealth and dignity she moves,
And pride and confidence,
Her body sinewy and soft,
Gold with marks of dark rosettes.
Regal princess of the grasslands,
Majestic jungle queen,
Commanding, calculating, cool
Aware and wary; senses keen.
Her padded paws like tiptoes,
Her motions wholly hushed,
Just the swish of leaves and grass,
As she rushes through the brush.
Sinuous predator of beauty,
Sultry, watchful eyes,
Slow to temper, quick to kill,
Prima donna of surprise.
Aloof, alone, untouchable,
Bows to God, and not to man,
A beast untamed -  by God proclaimed,
Noble Empress of the land.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
 Copyright 2000
Revised 2002