The other day I noticed,
An old lady on the street,
She held a Walkman to her ear,
As she strutted to its beat.
Her head and shoulders moved in time,
Her hips swung jauntily,
In a world all her own,
She danced on happily.
Then I saw another soul,
Also advanced in years,
In his nineties, wearing Nikes,
Jogging right along, my dear.
He huffed and puffed a little,
As he passed me by,
Then he slowed a bit and grinned,
And winked a flirty eye.
Next I almost got run over,
By a woman on a bike,
Who looked just like my Grandma,
Which gave me quite a fright.
I yelled, "Hey!  Watch it, lady!"
She merely, warmly waved,
"I RANG MY BELL!" she called to me,

Then I stood back and watched in awe,
When an old geezer and his mate,
Sped down the walk in front of me,
On a pair of straight-line skates.
All those exuberant, old souls,
I watched them, and I wondered,
What had gotten into them,
I scratched my head and pondered.
Whatever happened to rocking chairs,
And where did lace collars go,
And house dresses and aprons,
And tea and Bridge, you know?
What's the matter with these old folks?
They seem so adventuresome.
Don't they know it's time to park it,
That retirement time has come?
And I wouldn't be at all surprised,
When now our old folks head for Home,
That angels will not carry them,
They'll go to Heaven on their own.
They'll find jogging paths and biking trails,
Straight to those Golden Gates,
And they may find Saint Peter, too,
On a pair of Golden Skates!
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
copyright 2002


Background MIDI file playing is courtesy of John's Midi and Things.