He savored his last drop to drink,
His food now, too, was gone,
How long had he been lost at sea?
He had lost count - how long?
The ocean was like glass that night,
And no wind to fill the sail,
Dead in the water, the little ship,
Dear God, please send a gale.
Not a wave in the sea - not a ripple,
No gentle lapping at the prow,
Surreal the whole surroundings,
No sound - just silence now.
The quiet so quiet, 'twas frightful,
The air so still, 'twas like death,
He felt almost like it was wrong
To disturb it by taking a breath.
Listening - watching - waiting,
For what?  He could not guess,
Something impending and threatening,
His heart pounding loud in his chest.
A moonless, starless night,
No way to navigate,
All the man could do was sit,
And wait ... and wait ... and wait.
He never was a patient man,
And marking time drove him wild,
Standing-by was hard for him,
Fidgety, restless as a child.
Action was his middle name,
He was always on the move,
But now, helpless on the deck,
He felt a sense of doom. 
Glancing o'er his shoulder,
Was there somebody there?
No - his senses playing tricks,
Not a thing moved in the air.
Suddenly the vessel lurched,
Strange ... no gust had struck her sail,
But, no question, there was movement,
The courageous seaman paled.
The ship moved through the water,
She began to pick up speed,
The man was totally baffled,
And rattled, too, indeed.
From time to time the ship was lifted
High above the quiet sea,
Then gently dropped back to its surface,
Where it raced on silently.
The man clung to the rigging,
As if in a state of shock,
Frozen, frightened, what was all this?
His wits and senses blocked.
Ever forward - up and down,
Across the darkened sea,
Throughout the night the little ship,
Went on endlessly.
Grateful to be moving,
Yet possessing mortal fear,
The man cried loudly to the sky,
"My God, what's happening here?"
Still magically propelled,
By an unknown source of power,
On and on the vessel sped,
Until the morning hour.
At first light, all movement ceased,
The sea, again, as glass,
The man scanned the wide horizon,
Until he saw another mast!
And then another - and another,
His view was to an island port,
Safe harbor now was close at hand,
The distance, sweet and short.
Safe at last; his ordeal done,
He offered thanks in prayer,
While at the side of the little ship,
A monstrous whale was there.
 It circled round, before diving down,
And sent a water spout up high.
It was, it seems, its way to say,
"You're safe, my friend, good-bye"
Can an angel be a whale? 
Can a whale have angel wings?
Can a whale propel a ship?
Whoever heard of such a thing?
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright 2002