She walked along the rocky bluffs,
Her hair blowing in the wind,
A silken scarf about her throat,
A rosy glow upon her skin.
So exhilarating was the day,
So fresh and clear the air,
She loved the place, she loved the time,
She loved each minute there.
The ocean surged against the shore,
So many feet below,
The waves were huge; their sound was loud,
The ground trembled from their blows.

She looked out at the white-capped sea,
And raised her arms to greet,
The ocean then, as in response,
Crashed more loudly at her feet.
She threw back her head and laughed,
At the sea's wild and bold display,
Her eyes sparkled with excitement,
As more frenzied grew each wave.
She picked her way amongst the rocks,
While downward, she seemed led,
Soon she was below the bluffs
At the water's very edge.

Baring her feet, she ran cross the sand,
Like a creature freed from a cage,
Urged on by seagulls crying above,
And teased by the sea's stinging sprays.
A lovely lass at the ocean's side,
With wind and sea in her hair,
A vision given to no one else,
For no other soul was there.
But from the sea, it seemed some eyes,
Slyly watched this comely maid,
While the ocean rolled with pleasure,
At the beauty she displayed.

Now late in the day, the tide rushed in,
Higher and higher upon the shore,
The undertow now stronger, too,
As it raced back to the ocean's floor.
The water reached above her knees,
And then above her tiny waist,
So thrilled was she, she danced with glee,
Sheer ecstasy upon her face.
Next a wave, in pure delight,
Encompassed her whole frame,
She hailed its watery embrace,
Her joy unrestrained.

When it swept her to the ocean's depths,
She neither screamed nor cried,
This was her fate ... her destiny,
It could not be denied.
She felt welcomed by the yearning sea,
Although she heard no death-like knells,
First excited by the monstrous waves,
Then calmed and soothed by gentle swells.
Few could understand her wish,
And none could fathom her desire,
Who knew the joy she'd receive,
From the sea she so admired?

So do not grieve nor mourn this lass,
For she's where she wants to be,
At rest at last and unabashed,
As the Lady of the Sea!
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright June 2007


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