A queen she was - a lady of charm,
Whose beauty caught many an eye,
Heads always turned her direction,
Whenever she sauntered by.
Where did she come from; nobody knew,
Suddenly it seemed she was there,
Almost as if a wand were waved,
She appeared out of thin air.
Perhaps her past was shady,
No one even knew her full name,
One day a strange, black car pulled up,
And out-stepped this lady of fame.
She stepped to the ground with assurance,
Like a magnet, she drew attention,
She stopped and turned, reserved and aloof,
No apparent apprehension.
True Grecian sculpture at its best,
Her nose, quite aquiline,
Well-molded chin, unblemished skin,
Her profile, most divine.
Her figure perfect - without flaw,
Her stance erect - outstanding,
Her demeanor showed she was in charge,
Her attitude - commanding.
She took the place by storm,
It's never been the same,
In all respects, true beauty,
A female with no shame.
She greeted few - befriended less,
This blue-blood of aristocrats,
Upon her throne, she sat alone,
Her Royal Majesty, the Cat.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright 2002


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