"Hi there, Big Boy, Hey Handsome, Come Up and See Me Sometime"!


Oh, this is the saga of Kelley,
A provocative lady of charm.
Who tempted the gents in the city,
As well as the rubes from the farm.

Her fame was well earned as a Call Girl,
A lady well versed in her trade.
And amply endowed with those features,
Of which beautiful women are made.

In surroundings of brocade and velvet,
Dressed in the sheerest of silks and black lace.
Our Kel wasted none of her talents,
As she seduced with a smile on her face.

"Available Kel" she was known as,
Just give her a wink or a wave.
Competition in no way disturbed her,
Each man that she met was her slave.

She was popular, productive, and plucky,
Her favors were sought by the best.
When a stranger arrived in her locale,
He paid dearly for Kelley's address.

She was not to be "pitied nor censored,"
Her choice was made by free will.
Sure, Kelley was overly friendly,
But, better a thrill - than a chill.

When the word was out, "Kelley's ready!"
Multitudes thronged down the halls.
Bearing their cold cash and check books,
Their Call Girl was ready for calls!

She sat herself down at the table,
Surveying all with a merciless eye.
Which one of the group would she smile at?
Which one would give Kelley a try?

The decisive moment was nearing,
A hush fell over the room.
Said Kelley, "I'll take the whole pack on,"
And she laughed, as she thought of their doom.

Now, slow down, don't jump to conclusions,
Our Kel wouldn't brag without cause.
She was, as I said, very special,
Well deserving her cheers and hurrahs.

Take care, lest you think her immoral,
And her conscience tainted with shame.
Her Calling - was calling the numbers,
At the Home's Weekly BINGO Game!

by Ginny Ellis
copyright 1/2000


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