My cat has grown very old,
Now she mostly sleeps and naps,
But there still remains and is engrained,
A little kitten in my cat.
She never leaves the house, of course,
She's secure and safe inside,
But she can't ignore an open door,
Which leads to the outside.
She often sits and stares through it,
And one just never knows,
What secret spirit moves her,
If out the door, she goes.
How come this burst of energy?
What makes her move like that?
Ah yes, I guess, there really is
A bit of kitten in my cat.
And then she has this yellow thing,
Which is now a bunch of fuzz,
It used to be a toy duck,
At least, I think that's what it was.
I'd like to throw the thing away,
I don't, because she plays with it,
She tucks it underneath the couch,
Then struts away from it.
Then I get down upon the floor,
To find out where it's at,
Irritated, I cuss and fuss
At that danged kitten in my cat.
She never has outgrown
Her penchant for doorways,
She stretches lengthwise 'cross them,
And may lay that way for days.
How many times in the dark of night,
Have I nearly broke my neck,
When across my bedroom door she lies,
As I am bathroom bent?
If I fall over her, she yowls,
Like an injured maniac,
Yet I'm the one in mortal pain,
Thanks to that kitten in my cat.
I'd think by now she'd have learned somehow,
About the mirrored wardrobe door,
That the image which she's sees in it
Is not a cat competitor.
No need to hiss and spit at it,
Or even arch her spine,
Though it may howl and growl at her,
That old cat in there's benign.
I don't think she's getting senile,
No matter how she acts,
I know, though now she's up in years,
There's still some kitten in my cat.
Sometimes in the evenings,
When I turn the TV on,
I settle down in my big chair,
And soon begin to yawn.
Just as I am dozing off,
There comes a tapping at my knee,
I look down, and there's the cat
Gazing up at me.
Now so old, she can't jump up,
I lift her gently to my lap,
She curls up and goes to sleep,
How I love the kitten in my cat.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright October 2005

Dedicated to my fifteen year old cat, Ms Lucy,
who still has a lot of kitten in her.

The cat pictured on this page is actually a kitten. Her name is Gidget, and she belongs to Beverly Zuerlein of Moon and Back Graphics. When Bev
snapped that top photo of her with the magnifying glass, it was just too cute to resist.