A wondrous coat of many colors,
Is how our story starts.
The tale of Joseph, son of Jacob,
A son dear to his father's heart.


A handsome lad of seventeen,
Who caused no one any bother.
He had received this splendid coat,
As a present from his father.
A dreamer, too, young Joseph was,
And, of great power, he had dreamt.
But his brothers, filled with envy,
Viewed him with contempt.
One day while tending to their sheep,,
Their opportunity came.
They spotted Joseph all alone,
And attacked him, without shame.
They stripped him of his treasured coat,
And threw him down a well.
He would die from thirst and hunger,
He would hear his own death knell.
But then the brothers changed their minds,
When a caravan came by.
They sold him to the travelers,
And young Joseph did not die.
They connived to tell their father,
All they had left was Joseph's coat.
Which they had splashed with blood
From a freshly butchered goat.
"Father! Father!" They rushed home,
"Joseph has been slain!
Wild animals have killed him!
Just his bloodied coat remains."
His father mourned with broken heart,
He did not know they lied.
He shed his tears on Joseph's coat,
As he, too, died inside.
Then, through the years that followed,
Major devastation struck the land.
No crops to eat, nor herds for meat,
Starvation near at hand.
Joseph, living now in Egypt,
Had gained the Pharaoh's favor.
And he was placed in charge,
Of all Egyptian grain and labor.
Back in Canaan, Joseph's father,
Was starving without food.
So the brothers went to Egypt.
To see what they could do.
Although many years had passed,
Joseph recognized his kin.
They bowed and scraped and asked for grain,
But they did not remember him.
Mature now, in mind and soul,
And respectful of his God.
Joseph gave them all the food
That they could eat and haul.
Then later, he revealed himself,
And, with shame, his brothers wept.
His father overcome with love,
Thought this too wondrous to accept.
With divine guidance and protection,
God brought this all about.
Selfish jealousies and hatred,
Long gone and soon forgot.
A family reunited,
Love shown and love returned.
Forgiveness given and accepted,
God's lessons humbly learned.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
copyright 2000

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