Ask any woman, man or child,
About Jonah and the whale,
And anyone can tell you,
The exciting Bible tale.
How Jonah disobeyed the Lord,
How he tried to run away,
How he booked passage on a ship,
To sail away that day.
And, while on the sea, a storm came up,
With torrential rains and wind,
Lightening flashed, and thunder roared,
Jonah's guilt increased within.
When the waves rose ever higher,
The sailors lost control,
And a trembling, cowering Jonah,
Hid himself down in the hold.
Then, when the storm grew more severe,
Jonah came up on the deck,
He confessed he had offended God,
And the ship would surely wreck.
The only way to save the men
Was to throw Jonah overboard,
So, they tossed him in the raging sea,
The storm stopped! Praise the Lord!
As Jonah floundered in the water,
A huge fish suddenly appeared,
It opened up its gaping mouth,
One gulp - poor Jonah disappeared.
Jonah cried and prayed to God
From the belly of the fish,
"I'm sorry, Lord, I disobeyed,
But I'll do now just what you wish."
The whale swam around in circles,
For three long days and nights,
With Jonah tucked down deep inside,
Where he kicked with all his might.
The whale began to moan and groan,
It had a king-size stomach ache
From all the racket and the stress,
Old Jonah did create.
When they finally reached the shore,
The whale spit Jonah out, scot-free.
Safe and sound, upon the ground,
Jonah landed on his knees.
Jonah thanked Almighty God,
That he'd been freed and saved,
And he promised then and there,
In the future, he'd behave.
For all you animal lovers,
It's only right that you should know,
The whale, too, did recover,
From its gastronomic episode.
Now, was that not a miracle?
And is this not some tale?
Is not Our Father wonderful,
To save both Jonah and the whale?

~ Virginia (Ginny) Ellis ~
Copyright 2001

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