Patience was Job's middle name,
And a godly man was he,
All his life he loved his God,
And he prayed most fervently.

Satan challenged God direct,
He said, "Job loves you for your gifts,
Take his herds and wealth away,
And you will see how his love shifts."

Then God gave Job great trials,
As He accepted Satan's dare,
Job wondered what he had done wrong,
And he had moments of despair.

But he still trusted God,
He knew God would not forsake him,
And, hurting though he was,
His faith had not been shaken.

Job lost his closest family,
And he lost his personal wealth,
His house collapsed; his servants left,
He almost lost his health.

Well-meaning friends and neighbors,
Told Job how really bad he'd sinned,
Somehow he had dishonored God,
And God must punish him.

"No!" cried Job, "I love my Lord,
I behave better than most men,
I'm not ashamed in any way,
I've proved it time and time again."

His skin broke out in boils,
A grotesque, ugly sight to see,
Poor Job - alone, unloved, in pain,
Yet cried, "God has not deserted me."

"I have not sinned against my Father,
God knows this very well,
I glorify and worship Him,
Though I hear my own deathbell"

"I do not understand my pain,
Why this has happened, I don't know,
I've nothing left but my Lord now,
All else, I willingly let go."

Job's spirit was not broken,
Though all he owned was gone,
He no longer looked for answers,
And his love for God stayed strong.

Satan lost his challenge,
He gave up with much disgust,
He did not seem to understand,
That loving God was quite enough.

~ Virginia (Ginny) Ellis ~
Copyright 2001

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