First I took a piece of candy,
It was easy; it was handy.
Then I took a playmate's wheel,
He had others; no big deal.
I was good at filching pennies,
Mama's purse contained so many.
Then at school I swiped some books,
It was easy; no one looked.
The local dime store was my friend,
Lots of items, without end.
Small toys into pockets went,
Without their costing me a cent.
I learned to get in theatres free,
At first it was a thrill for me.
One day I took some neighbor's tools,
Gave them to some guys at school.
At sixteen I stole a car,
A special job, a sleek Jaguar.
Piece a'cake - gosh, I was smart,
Stole another; sold the parts.
Got some money; bought a gun,
The cops then had me on the run.
Easy come! Easy go!
I moved fast; they moved slow.
Catch me! Catch me! If you can!
I'm big! I'm tough! I am a man!
At last, a cop before my eyes,
I shoot him down; the sucker dies.
Prison doors close in on me,
I'm locked inside; I am not free.
I've been told that I must pay
For the man I shot that day.
The chaplain asks for my last words,
Suppose to some they'll seem absurd
Somehow I feel I must explain,
It started out to be a game.
First I took a piece of candy,
It was easy; it was handy.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright 2000 - Revised 2003

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