Baby Moses







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A Broken Shuttle - Broken Hearts

A Choir of God's Angels

A Dollar A Rose

A Fading Flower

A Mother's Message from Heaven

A Prayer for Love

A Time to Dream

A Vision in the Snow

The Choir

Cross After Cross

Doc Hanson

God's Baby Bird

God is Laughing Heartily

God's Plan for Man


Go Up On The Mountain

Hands of Love

Heaven Ho!

I Am A Wall

I Love You Grandma

Ireland in Heaven

Is It Not A Miracle

John Howard

Let Me Not Forget The Flowers

Life's Lessons

Man's Pot of Gold

Mary Beth Smyth


Mrs. Touzzlewitz

My Beautiful Bouquet

My Beautiful Friend Has Died

My Day

My Godly Friend

My Missionary Child

My Prayer List

Old Lonely Soul

Peek A Boo

Pillar Of The Church

Salvation Army Lassies

September 11, 2001

Shine, Little Brother, Shine

Song On the Front Porch

The Artist

The Bus Driver

The Chapel on the Hillside

The Choir

The Cry of Man and Beast

The Doves

The Drawings(09/11/01)

The Dream Of The Crosses

The House With a View

The Echo Theory

The Last Voyage

The Legacy

The Littlest Dancer

The Loveliness of Silence

The Man and the Lamb

The Mother and the Baby Dove

The Prisoner

The Reverend Mister Hugby Jones

The Widow Missus Hugby Jones

The Secret of The Reverend and Missus Hugby Jones

The Biography of the Amazing Reverend Mister Hugby Jones

The Storm

The Story Teller

The Test

The Wonder of It All

Tough Love


Waste Not - Want Not

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