I am a wall; I'm very tall,
I'm very wide and thick,
I'm very sturdy - very strong
I'm made of stone and brick.


I can't be penetrated,
Peepholes do not exist,
You cannot look around me.
Nor see through me, as you wish.
You cannot sneak in from behind,
Nor dig up from underneath.
There're no toeholds to help you climb,
My foundation is complete.
When solid walls like me are built,
It oft leaves people sad.
No one gets in; no one gets out,
And, alas, that's very bad.
Everybody loses,
The builder most of all.
Even God the Father weeps,
He's not happy with man's walls.
I must be demolished,
I must be reduced to rubble.
My only claim to fame, it seems,
Is in causing people trouble.
So, blow the trumpets; tear me down,
Release the man within.
Soulless souls do walls create,
Let he who's out come in.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
copyright 5/00


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