I saw this child by a tree,
Reaching for a limb.
On his tiptoes he stood tall,
As he stretched up again.
I saw him shake his little head,
In a motion, meaning ... No.
His face showed disappointment,
As he turned away to go.
Every morning he would be there,
Going through this exercise.
Standing tall and stretching up,
Then leaving, after several tries.
What's so unique about that limb?
I began to ponder.
There were branches lower down,
That were sturdier and stronger.
So one morning I went out,
And met the boy by the tree.
I asked him what was going on,
What in the world did he see?
So shy, he would not meet my eye,
His voice so low, I hardly heard.
He barely spoke above a whisper,
But I caught every precious word.
He said, "I am only me,
And I am very small.
In fact, I'm only three foot three,
And that's not tall at all."
"Well, honey," I said, "You will grow,
Give yourself some time.
There are lower branches on this tree,
That, in the meantime, you can climb."
"Here, I'll help you, " I volunteered,
"No," He said, "You don't understand.
I'm stretching as long as I can now,
Because I need to be a taller man."
"And I can't wait 'til I grow up,
I need to be tall now."
"Well, what's the rush?" I asked him then,
(I'll get this figured out somehow.)
"I want to see Lord Jesus,
And I want Him to see me.
But I'm so little, I'm afraid,
Maybe He can't see."
"My Daddy is real big and tall,
And so's my Mama, too.
So Jesus sees them all the time,"
Then I said, "Dear heart, He sees you."
"Don't you know about the sparrow?"
I asked the little guy.
"Such a tiny little bird it is,
But it's always in God's eye."
"God sees that little sparrow,
Just like big eagles on the wing.
And He loves that tiny bird,
As much as any larger thing."
"No, He won't overlook you,
God does not behave that way.
He might even see you better,
It's kind of hard to say."
"Honest? Like the sparrow?"
The child questioned me.
"You bet," I said, "Exactly,
And God - you yourself will see."
Now, further up in that same tree,
There sat a sparrows' nest.
I lifted the boy high enough,
Where he could see it best.
With wide eyes, he saw the nest,
It held baby sparrows, three.
And with a smile, he clapped his hands,
And cried, "I see! I see! I see!"
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
copyright 2001

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