I'm confused about mist and dew,
With crystal beads on ev'rything,
Are they melted Winter snowdrops,
Or the first raindrops of Spring?
The change from Winter into Spring
Takes place every year,
Although the date that it occurs,
Is not precisely clear.
Check the calendar; choose the month,
Pick whichever you think best,
February, March, or April,
Anyone is still a guess.
The weather changes as it will,
Regardless of the season,
It's Spring one day; then Winter next,
There is no rhyme nor reason.
Sometimes early in the mornings,
Winter's breath is on the ground,
But when the sun begins to shine,
Twigs and sprigs of green are found.
Often stormy weather threatens,
Which could bring rain or sleet or snow,
Is it Wintertime or Springtime?
Until it breaks, nobody knows.
Springtime teases with soft breezes,
Though Old Man Winter's not quite gone,
But, then at last, his final blast!
Now all blown out, he's movin' on!
This tug of war's a foolish game,
Because Springtime always wins,
How sad her victory's so short,
For soon Summertime begins.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright March 2010
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