Is it not a miracle,
To see a flower grow.
From seed to bud to petal?
Oh, what a wondrous show.

A tree, a shrub, a blade of grass,
More miracles of God's.
Is it not amazing?
Are you not in total awe?

A sleeping boy with tousled hair,
A handsome little lad.
A miracle in progress,
Growing taller than his dad.

A tiny girl's shared confidence,
Soul-searching eyes of blue.
A miracle of beauty,
Unbelievable but true.

A grandpa's smile, a grandma's hands,
A new born baby's cries.
Miracles we take for granted,
Happening before our eyes.

A canary singing on a perch,
A purring kitten on a lap.
Miracles of trust revealed,
A wagging puppy tail perhaps.

A tale, a song, a poem,
Creative spectacles,
A painting hung upon a wall?
Are they not miracles?

Hymns of glory, sung with pride,
Answers to one's prayers.
A stranger's nod, a friendly smile,
Miracles everywhere.

New days with new awakenings,
What miraculous events.
Kisses, hugs, and signs of love,
Are miracles well spent.

The Bible, the Word, the Son of God,
A Cross, a Life, a Revelation.
The greatest miracle of all,
The Gift of Man's Salvation.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
copyright 2001

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