I Believe in Angels


Some people picture angels
As tiny, fragile things,
Petite and pert and perky,
With pretty, dainty wings.
Other people often view them
Dressed in flowing, pastel gowns,
Flying through green meadows, 
Blessing flowers with gold wands. 
Others see them peek from pockets,
Playing games of Hide 'n Seek,
And feel them tickling noses,
While softly kissing cheeks.
All are wonderful to look at,
Truly beautiful to see,
Wondrous, breathless visions,
Of awesome majesty.
They are perceived as delicate, 
Sweet creatures light and airy,
And sometimes they are confused
With playful, little fairies.
An understandable mistake,
Based on early childhood tales,
And wishful dreaming, too, perhaps,
From fairy tales regaled.
But, according to the Good Book,
Since whenever time began,
Angels were as big, or bigger,
Than ordinary man.
As trusted messengers of God,
They faced perils all the time,
And even fought great battles,
Shedding blood and sweat and grime.
It stands to reason many wars,
Fought in heaven's early days,
Were manned by warrior angels, 
Rugged, muscular, and brave.
Gabriel could not have blown his horn,
Without some good, strong lungs,
So, as angels go, he must have been
A big and strapping one.
The archangel Michael did his thing,
Requiring strength and courage, too,
No tiny, weak-kneed creature, he,
But an angel from a robust brood.
And, what about the angel
That wrestled Jacob all night long?
If he had been too puny,
He'd not have made it through 'til dawn.
Who rolled back the massive stone,
That sealed our Savior's tomb?
Angels blest with muscles,
I think we can assume.
Angels that are sent to earth
Come in different shapes and sizes,
Some so big and tough and rough,
We cannot recognize them.
I sure want my guardian angel
To be the sturdy, hardy kind,
That can handle major troubles,
And, if need be, violent crimes.
And when my time on earth is done,
And I'm ready to go home,
Send me an angel strong enough
To lift and carry these old bones.
Yes, I believe in angels,
Be they big or small,
They each fulfill God's purpose,
And He's made them one and all.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright March 2002
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My thanks to StarShine for directing me to Joan Kirk's beautiful angel site.
Joan has passed on, but has left a lovely angel legacy for us all.
You may view all of Joan's artistry at her site, which is still intact.