Adelaide, The Rug Maker

A Commentary On Laughter

A Foggy Night in Town

A Love Story

A Man and His Horse

An Aging Experience

Breakfast Across USA

Cackle, Cackle!

Captain Marmalade

Chemistry at the Grocery Store

Cleaning Day

Cool! Ladies! Cool!

Cracker Box

Dead Thing in my Wall

Dressing For The Party

Einstein's Theory

For Whom the Cuckoo Coos!

God Bless the I R S

God Winked

Hannagan and Flannagan

Happy Irishman

Hit the Road!

Jason's Day


Late Bloomers

M. G. G.'S

Me, My Stuff, and I


Ms Phyllis, Ms Anne, and Albert

Moving Day on Chestnut Hill

My Email Went Where

No More Shopping

Old Age is Not for Sour Pusses

On Genealogy

Our Tomato

Peanut Butter Connection

Pete the Puppet

Saga of the Pearl Necklace

Success As A Senior?

Tap! Tap! Tap!

Tearful Memories

The Angel BaBa White

The Curmudgeon

The Doctor Is In

The Fifth Wheel

The Scary Snake

The Sewing Circle

The Turkey Dinner

The Thought Forgot

They're Ba-a-ck

True Love


Venting and Lamenting

Where Do The Pennies Go?

You Got Trouble?

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