I am repentant of my sins,
I believe Jesus is The Christ,
I believe I've been redeemed by Him,
I believe He paid the price.
But, I have this problem speaking out,
What do people want to hear?
Unless they directly question me,
I do not volunteer.
I hesitate to open up,
Of that, I am not proud,
I don't revel in my quietness,
But, why can't I speak aloud?
Am I ashamed of anything?
What keeps me from speaking out?
What do I fear from other folks?
What's my silence all about?
Are you disappointed, God?
I know that you must be,
I feel bad about it, too,
I pray you'll pardon me.
Give me courage. Give me strength,
I know what I should do,
Believe me, dearest Father,
I am not ashamed of you.
The shame I feel is for myself,
Forgive me. Hear my plea,
These fears to speak out that I have,
Are much too much for me.
But, how can you forgive me, God,
If I don't do my part?
I promise to try harder, God,
I love you with my heart.
Help me to speak in your behalf,
The words you want to hear,
Help me to speak of you - from love,
And not to speak - from fear.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
copyright 2001

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