I have this marvelous house for rent,
It's refurbished every Spring,
 I can hardly wait each year to see,
What sort of tenants it will bring.
Its elevation's high enough,
That each room has a view,
Yet it's private and secluded,
With no way to intrude.
I don't advertise my vacancy,
Somehow, the word gets spread,
For many prospects do come looking,
Mostly couples and newly-weds.
The ambience and decor,
I think are very nice,
Unless requirements are special,
For most needs, it would suffice.
It is small enough for two,
But large enough for four,
Or five - or six - or seven,
Or, by squeezing, even more.

It's well built and weather-proofed,
No way can rain get in,
It's positioned in an alcove,
So is sheltered from the wind.
It's in a choice location,
A lovely neighborhood,
Fresh water is available,
And the food supply is good.
At last, everything's in readiness,
The place, cleaned and dusted out,
Discreetly watching from a distance,
I wondered who would come about
My wait was not too long,
My first prospects soon arrived,
"Well, hello there," I beamed,
"Feel free to go inside."
So excited ... all a-twitter,
They looked at me and cocked their heads,
I smiled and stepped away,
"Chirp!  Chirp!" was what they said.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright 2002



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