They said he had his father's eyes,
If so, he should be proud,
For they were the truest blue,
That nature would allow.
A startling and a shocking blue
Much like a mountain lake,
With a depth immeasurable,
A handsome gift of fate.
Encompassing, embracing,
Taking in all sights,
Never missing anything
That other people might.
Twinkling when delighted,
Or in a teasing mood,
Peaceful, calm, serene,
When in quietude.
Eyes dull, when feeling ill,
Lifeless, when bone-tired.
Limpid, when romantic,
Soulful, when inspired,
Hopeful, when receptive.
Tearful, when so moved,
Far-away, when dreaming,
Cold, in angered mood.
Flashing, when encountering
Acts unjust and mean,
Quizzical, when wondering
About oddities first seen.
Eyes clouded, when in sorrow,
Blank, when lost in thought,
Commanding, when demanding,
Glazed, in states of shock.
Those blue eyes, like polished glass,
Magnify what is within,
So profoundly blue and deep,
One cannot keep from falling in.
The window to the soul of man
Is said to be his eyes,
He can't conceal what they reveal,
No matter how he tries.
The only way to hide away,
Is for those blue eyes to close,
For as long as they are open,
The inner man's exposed.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright 2002