Her Twilight Memories
The stillness of the twilight hour,
Is her time for reverie,
She recalls things that once were real,
But never more will be.
People, scenes, and treasured things,
Ordinary and special times,
One thought provokes another,
Bringing visions to her mind.

Melodies trigger memories,
Familiar tunes, refrains, old songs,
All recall a place ... or face,
Of someone who's been gone too long.
Sweet aromas, scents, and perfumes
Drift softly through the evening air,
She will inhale and close her eyes,
Seeing flowers everywhere.

Sometimes her face is wreathed in smiles,
At other times, her eyes hold tears,
When lost in thought, she's far away,
You see her, but she is not here.
Do not intrude; just let her dream,
Her life is fuller now, perhaps,
She's in a place you cannot be,
And there is no harm in that.

Be patient  ... treat her gently,
Do not patronize this soul,
Hold her hand and sit beside her,
Let her twilight memories flow.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright June 2008


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