I hear stories frequently
About heaven's golden streets,
Its ivory towers and palaces,
And banquet halls unique.
Its lovely mansions in the sky,
With marble halls and floors,
And diamonds sparkling from on high,
And other gems galore.

That's quite a vision - quite a dream,
And, indeed, I am impressed,
But heaven for me I want to be
A place of simple loveliness.
Of warmth and sun and sweet loved ones,
That have gone on before,
Those are the only jewels I seek,
 And hope to find at heaven's door.

Ivory and gold are very nice,
But what I'd like most to see
Are rainbows, birds, and flowers,
Not things of gold or ivory.
The banquet hall that bids me come
Need not be marble made,
Just be of trees with shady leaves,
And a floor with grass inlaid.

A garden spot like Eden,
With God, its Heavenly Host,
Standing there with open arms,
Oh yes, that's what I want most.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright April 2003



The midi file playing
is the lovely work of Margi Harrell.