Happy Birthday Mama!

Today is Mama's birthday,
Were she alive, she'd be quite old,
She never got the hang of aging,
She was forever young, you know.
Some folks aren't meant to age,
They have young minds and hearts.
Gray hair and wrinkled skin for them
Are nuisance, pesky parts.
Their bodies fail, and that's a bother,
An inconvenience at the most,
Arthritic fingers can't turn doorknobs,
But they still can wave hello's.
They can't trip the light fantastic
On legs no longer strong,
But they can sway in boogie-time,
And hum along in songs.
Mama never cried the blues,
When her energy ran down,
Oh, a few times she said, "Drat it,"
But she kept on keepin' on.
When God put Mom together,
He left out her grow-old genes,
So Mama lived forever
As if she were in her teens.
She met life's obligations,
As adults are meant to do,
But she spent her days in youthful ways,
And maintained that point of view.
Throughout Mama's life, I think,
She remained a sweet sixteen,
No older, wiser role for her,
No thanks - not part of Mama's scheme.
I'll bet she's the youngest, oldest angel,
To dance down heaven's streets of gold,
And I'll bet she's really laughing now,
At this silly tale I've told.
Happy Birthday, Mama!
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright August 14, 2004 

Ginny ~ Mother ~ Bette
The Ellis Ladies
A long time ago

This midi, "Peg of My Heart" was my Father's favorite song of years gone by, and though it was not my Mother's name, he always called her, "Peg." 

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